Commission Work

I welcome commission work. When I enter into a commission to provide a personal one of a kind painting for a client, I will work as follows:

Agreement is achieved so both you and I know what is the desired end. I mostly paint from photographs, usually many photographs so as to capture the subject and feel for surroundings and subjects. When the subject or area is a distance from my location, I require good photographs of the subject or scene taken from as many angles as possible, to give a greater feel for the subject. If proximity makes it possible for me to take the photos, that is preferable.

Size of the painting is agreed upon, which is part of pricing. Smaller paintings are not always less expensive than larger ones, for the commission involves not only size, but time spent, complexity of desired image, size of canvas/paper and amount of paint and other mediums to complete the work. All of these components factor into the pricing of the commission.

Ron's Harley

Medium: acrylic
Sizing: 24" x 30"

Artist's Collection, not for sale